【771-3】Pomelo Fun & Mooncakes for Mid-Autumn Festival

by Fannie Lin To celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival on September 21, Ming Chuan University held a “Pomelo for Luck” Contest for international students. It was the hope of organizers to ease students’ homesickness, while living on Jihe and Taoyuan campuses far away from their families. Throughout “Peeling”, “Drawing”, and “Beautifying”, these interesting and competitive activities, they were working together to complete each task, they could also learn about the culture and the origin of Mid-Autumn Festival. by Nkosingiphile Khumaloi On Tuesday international students received Moon cakes from MCU, which was a treat commemorating the Mid-Autumn Festival, which is a national holiday celebrated in the 8th lunar month of the Chinese calendar. Students enjoyed the festivities that came with the special holiday and watched a presentation about the history of the holiday. When asked what the holiday signified, most of the students didn’t have a clue. One student who had an idea was Mr Udo Hoeppner, who mentioned that during his stay on the Island he has learned that the holiday dates back more than 3, 000 years and it had to do with a group of Chinese who were planning some kind of a revolution, in which they used the moon cakes to send their secret messages. Michael Chu, who is a native Taiwanese student, said that all he remembers about the holiday is that it is only during this holiday that children are allowed to stay up till late playing with colorful lanterns.

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