【771-3】7 Ambassadors at 2010 IC Graduation Achievement Exhibition

translated by Emily Wang A special International College (IC) Graduation Achievement Exhibition was held on the afternoon of June 12th in Taoyuan International Meeting Hall. MCU President Lee hosted diplomats from seven countries for this exhibition and tea party. Around 400 guests attended including other honored guests, students and their parents; it was as if a small United Nations was gathered, sharing the achievements of International Education at our school. Ambassadors and deputy ambassadors in attendance included Jacques Sawadogo of Burkina Faso, Mariama Ndure- Njie of Gambia; Philip Kabua representing the Marshall Islands; Americo Viegas from Republic of Sao Tome and Principe; Victor Samuel Ngele representing the Solomon Islands; Jasmine Huggins from Saint Christopher and Nevis and from Swaziland, Ms. Gwebu. President Lee mentioned that tertiary education in Taiwan must connect with international trends and the whole world to maintain a competitive edge and reduce the impact of globalization. Starting from 2000, Ming Chuan implemented the internationalization policy that is now attracting talented people all over the world. Today, we are on the way to attain U.S. university accreditation with MSCHE, which would mark a milestone for tertiary education in Taiwan. International Business Management senior Daniela Caceres Becker from Honduras served as the representative of graduates to deliver a graduation speech expressing appreciation to Ming Chuan for providing an international learning platform through which students acquire knowledge from a variety of courses, cultivate the problem-solving ability, learn different languages, enhance self-competence, meet friends from different countries, and understand cultures around the world, which builds their success in the workplace and future life. There were a total of 230 graduates from IC in June 2010, including 91 international students from 34 different countries and 139 local students.

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