University of Suwon confers honorary doctorate to Dr. Lee Translated by Peter Iori Kobayashi The Republic of China’s national anthem was sung while its national flag rose in South Korea – moving some to tears – when the University of Suwon (USW) conferred an honorary doctorate to Dr. Chuan Lee, President of Ming Chuan University (MCU). Many of the 51 MCU staff members and alumni visiting from Taiwan expressed their sense of honor at having attended the conferment ceremony held on September 15. “Dr. Lee has made great contributions in promoting academic exchanges and mutual cooperation between USW and MCU over the last five years,” said Dr. In-Soo Lee, President of USW, “With his excellent caliber, he has led MCU in its effort to receive US accreditation, as well as in its flourishing development as a university.” Dr. In-Soo Lee also expressed his confidence in the continued collaboration between the two institutions in fostering talents at the tertiary level in both countries. “Suwon and Ming Chuan are like twin brothers, both being family-operated private institutions,” said Dr. Chuan Lee in his speech. “Both Suwon and Ming Chuan have been upgraded and become universities, owing to their respective educational principles of dedicating their ‘all for students’ and ‘attending to all students with parental care support and guidance’.” MCU conferred an honorary doctoral degree in management to Dr. In-Soo Lee in 2006 for his achievements and contributions. “Dr. Lee has been a Ming Chuan alumnus since,” added Dr. Lee Chuan. “And everyone can bear witness to his faithfulness to his alma mater.” “I am proud of Suwon today; Suwon will be proud of me tomorrow,” said Dr. Chuan Lee, promising that he will carry with him ‘the light and the warmth’ of USW to the whole world. This is the fourth honorary doctorate that Dr. Chuan Lee has received. Other honorary degrees he holds include those conferred by the Plekhanov Russian Academy of Economics (Russia); Oklahoma City University (US); and Lincoln Memorial University (US). Dr. Chuan Lee also met with four MCU exchange students from the Department of Teaching of Chinese as a Second Language. The students received moon cakes as gifts.

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