【771-3】22nd MCU Literary Prize Awards

by Deena Ahmadi MCU students who are interested in writing and photography are encouraged to enter their works in the 22nd MCU Literary Prize Awards. Prizes from 1,000 NTD and 15,000 NTD are ready for the winners. Organized by the Research and Development Division, the Literary Prize competition is now accepting unpublished novels, English and Chinese prose, Modern Chinese, Classical Chinese and English poetry, as well as Campus and General photography. For General photography, subject is not limited by method, style, or color. Campus photography is intended to showcase the beauty of Ming Chuan University though a cell phone. Submitted photos should include Title of the work, Photographer‘s name, Date of photo and Style number of cell phone. The point is to view students’ appreciation of Ming Chuan Campus through cell phones. The deadline for submissions is October 31st, 2010. Literary works are to be mailed to art@mail.mcu.edu.tw For further information, please refer to “INSIDE MCU”” on Ming Chuan website.”

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