How to be a successful English learner at MCU-0819

After at least 6 years of English learning in middle and high school, it will be a new experience when you come to join the English Program at Ming Chuan University (MCU). Going back to the year of 1957 when Ming Chuan University was first named Ming Chuan Commercial College for Girls; our founder Dr. Pao had the foresight to see that English becomes an extremely important skill and a course all students have to take. That is why we have designed a four-year English program for every student. No matter how good or bad your English is, MCU’s program is ready to help you become a proficient learner of English, with not only a well-planned four-year curriculum but also professional and enthusiastic teachers, as well as textbooks that emphasize practical English in an authentic learning environment. The most important thing is how to combine these features and utilize them as you own valuable resource for learning English. Teachers can advise , and provide you with a wealth of information. Language learning is a life-long process, it is up to you to sharpen your language skills and take the plunge. To increase your awareness of MCU’s English education and know how to benefit from it, you will receive a handbook, which is edited by the English Language Center to show you the way to learn from MCU’s English program efficiently. Contents of this handbook cover the following: 1.the vision and goal of MCU’s English education 2.a description of the curriculum introduction of teachers in the English Language Center 4.the contents of our textbook(s) 5.details of how we assess students using listening, reading, and writing test for midterm and final examinations. explanation of our grading policy for all of levels and how we evaluate students 7.information about our Learning Resources 8.the functions of the English Language Center to use “Passport to English Learning” In the next four years, we hope that this handbook will help you in answering all the questions you have about learning English. If you would like to reach a certain level of English competency, then reading the handbook would be a good start. You will find that it contains answers to most of your language questions. We welcome you as a new member of our family at MCU and hope you will enjoy the English environment here and become successful in your English language endeavors.

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