【767】mcu.edu.tw Service Terminated in June

By Teng Seng Lu The school E-mail service in an important channel for MCU’s faculty, staff and student to contact and deliver messages each other. In order to provide more stable and excellent service quality, the Information and Network Division will launch a new faculty and staff E-mail service, shifting the mcu.edu.tw service to mail.mcu.edu.tw service operated by Gmail, effective July 1st. Those faculty and staff who are not using Gmail service are advised to send an E-mail using mcu.edu.tw service with subject “reset mail.mcu.edu.tw password” to iccheng@mcu.edu.tw. Then an email with a Gmail service password will be sent out and the new email account can be activated by using the password. To avoid missing any important messages, those emails sent to mcu.edu.tw will automatically be transferred to the new email service. Services such as personal web, outlook, outlook express and openwebmail will also be terminated along with the mcu.edu.tw service. Therefore faculty and staff are advised to back up files and contact lists as soon as possible to avoid missing any crucial data. Meanwhile, entering freshmen will be assigned accounts in a new service operated by Live Mail system. The current student email ss24 service will continue for existing students, who will not be affected by the change.

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