【767】Mass Comm Students Make Films

by Kenton X. Chance Mass Communication and Journalism students are working this semester on two film projects, an extracurricular undertaking being supervised by Introduction to Film lecturer, Assistant Professor Dr. Michael Stein. The junior students completed the filming of “High For Love” last Friday. The production stars Journalism and Mass Communication (JMC) 2nd–year students Darrius Detenamo, Shin King, and Michael Chu. It was written by JMC 3rd-year students Priscilla Villela and Mercedes Menjivar, directed by Kenton Chance with Michael Wijaya as the cinematographer. The film is currently into the post production stage. Fourth-year students are preparing to record their music video next week after their commencement. On Wednesday, Dr. Stein presented the third-year students with Certificates of Excellence in recognition of their individual contribution to the successful completion of the filming of the movie.

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