【767】Advance Visit for MSCHE Self-Study

Through five years of striving effort, Ming Chuan University has come to the final phase of Self- Study for MSCHE (Middle States Commission on Higher Education) Accreditation process. Prior to the Self-Study official visit on September 25 – October 1, 2010, Dr. David Turk, Team Chair, and Dr. Barbara Loftus, Vice President of MSCHE, serving as a liaison officer for Ming Chuan, will conduct a preliminary visit to MCU. The visit will take place during the period of June 13-18, 2010 and will serve the purpose of understanding the facilities of the applicant institute and providing consultation regarding preparation for the upcoming official visit, scheduled in late September this year. At that time, a team of 6 will review MCU's Self-Study and conduct interviews on campus. During the preliminary visit, Dr. Turk and Loftus will visit the headquarters of the Self-Study Visit, located on the 7th floor of the Q Building on Taoyuan Campus. The visitors are also scheduled to meet board members, major unit heads plus MSCHE Accreditation Working Group Leaders and members. They will tour Taoyuan and Taipei locations and stay in the teaching hotels in both Taoyuan and Jiheß to enjoy the hospitality of MCU staff and students. Ming Chuan University will be the first Asian institute receiving U.S. accreditation if both official visits are concluded with success.

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