Dragon Boat Festival Celebration June 16th is the Dragon Boat Festival. In order for international students to get a “taste” of this festival, sticky rice dumplings (Zong-Zi) will be prepared and distributed. Students may go to the International Student Advising Office on both campuses (in E201 on Taipei campus and the first floor of the Library on Taoyuan campus) next Tuesday (6/8) at noon to get some Zong-Zi. Transfer of MCU Email Service System In order to provide more stable and good quality service, the mcu.edu.tw email service will be stopped from 6/30/2010 and will be transferred to mail.mcu.edu.tw (gmail). Gmail gives you more service and better quality. If you haven’t already, please begin using it! In order to active your new email system, please send an email to iccheng@mcu.edu.tw from your mcu.edu.tw account with the subject of “Reset password for mail.mcu.edu.tw account”. Then, your new password will be sent to you for signing on to your mail.mcu.edu.tw account. Joint Music Performance Concert The Chinese Music Club and the Band Music Club are putting on a concert this Wednesday (6/2) at 7 p.m. on the first floor of the Physical Education Building on Taoyuan campus. The clubs will be playing their forte pieces and will be collaborating to create a musical fusion of these two types of music. So, come and enjoy this musical feast!