Dragon Boat Festival Celebration June 16th is the Dragon Boat Festival. The International Education and Exchange Division would like our international students to get a “taste” of this festival and enhance their interactions with their MCU buddies. Participants will be taught on how to make sticky rice dumplings (Zong-Zi) and traditional Chinese sachets. The activity will be held at noon on 5/26 (Wednesday) in M401 on Taoyuan campus and on 5/27 (Thursday) in D101 on Taipei campus. Graduating Senior Exams This Week Graduating senior exams will be held this week from 5/24 to 5/26. Graduating seniors should log on to the Student Network System to check their exam schedules. Those who are unable to take the exams must provide relevant official documents or doctor’s diagnosis in order to apply for day off requests by 5/28 (Friday). Make-up exams will be scheduled on 6/9 and 6/10. In addition, the graduation ceremony will take place on 6/12 (Saturday) on Taoyuan campus and on 6/13 (Sunday) on Taipei campus. Students who have completed all required coursework for graduation may pick up their diploma at the Registrar Office on 6/14 (Monday) with their student I.D. card and personal chop. Moreover, the Graduating Class Activities Committee will be holding a dinner party for graduating seniors on this Friday (5/28) at 6 p.m. at the Sun-Yat Sen Auditorium. Online Course Registration Begins Course registration for Fall 2010 takes place this week (5/24 to 5/28). Students are reminded to register for their courses during the allocated time slot.(新聞/馬家慧)