【763】Special Festival of Culture and Arts

by Emily Wang Taoyuan Campus Student Government Association is going to hold the 2010 Special Festival of Culture and Arts, ”Culturally Outstanding-Kite Art” starting from May 28th in Ming Garden. During the festival, there are so many activities to participate in, for example, a silver necklace delivered to your lover, kite exhibition, photography competition, special makeup lecture, market volunteering. Besides, a dance troupe and students of the dance department from National Taiwan University of the Arts will provide a great and powerful performance. From May 10th to May 21th, a kite painting contest will be held where anyone can paint a unique kite using imagination and creativity. The winner will get NTD1200, and all work will be exhibit around the gym building 3F as well. For more about this festival, please go the website: www.mcusga.com or go to the office of Student Government Association on 4F of the gym to take a look.

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