【763】Smiling Mr. and Ms. International Final on Wednesday

by Teng Seng Lu The final round of 2010 Ming Chuan University Smiling Mr. and Ms. International will be held this Wednesday (May 19th) at 6 p.m. on the first floor of the Physical Education Building on Taoyuan campus. All the finalists will perform their best to compete for the crown. So, don’t forget to attend the event to support your friends who are competing for the titles. The first-place winner will receive prize money of NTD 10,000 while the second and third place will respectively receive NTD 8,000 and NTD 7,000. The voting for the most popular Mr. and Ms. International will end today (May 16th) by midnight. Going on since April 21st , voters can only vote for two participants each day at most. The two participants with the highest votes can receive prize money of NTD 3,000 and the winners will be announced on the final round on May 26th. Meanwhile the series of SMILE competitions are now open for voting. You can vote for your favorite smiling logo, short essay and photograph on Ming Chuan University Politeness Campaign 2010-2011 official website (http://mcusga.com/MCUPC/blog/?page_id=11). The voting will end tomorrow (May 18th) by 5 p.m. Everyone can vote for five works at most each day in all three categories.

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