【763】Ming Chuan Weekly’s New Webpage Design

Translated by Teng Seng Lu Did you ever visit Ming Chuan Weekly’s webpage? Now you can experience its brand new webpage design and several newly added functions such as news archives, news comment area, discussion forum, newsletter subscription and so forth, which meet your needs. Now it has become not only a campus news media, but a communication platform welcoming interaction with its readers. The webpage’s news archives function provides readers with an easier way to search the news articles. Sign up as a webpage user so that you can leave your comments on the news reported. Besides, there is a discussion forum where readers can exchange their points of view and you can even start a new topic on the forum. You can also subscribe Ming Chuan Weekly newsletter by just entering your e-mail address on the new webpage. You can now provide Ming Chuan Weekly English news articles regarding any event, activity, or function you joined either at Ming Chuan University or off campus. Send your news article to wychia@mail.mcu.edu.tw or visit Ming Chuan Weekly office for more details. Don’t forget to visit the new webpage at www.week.mcu.edu.tw to explore its new face.

➔ 歡迎轉載《銘傳一週》新聞,引用請註明出處