【763】Tourism Department Holds Video Competition

by Curry Lin To promote tourism in Taipei and Taoyuan, the MCU Tourism Department is holding a video competition. In the video, people need to promote the tourism of Taipei and Taoyuan areas. First-prize winners will be awarded 30,000 NTD, while second prize garners 6,000 NTD. The scoring is divided into three parts, one is a score by professional judges which accounts for 75%, while the second is on-site voting which accounts for 15%, and finally on-line voting accounts for 10%. The video content must relate to tourism. The deadline of the competition will be on May 26. People who are interested in this competition must upload their videos on Youtube. The results of the competition will be announced on June 4. In addition, students can also have chance to get big prizes by voting for the videos. These include digital camera, 320G external hard drive, and so forth. Tourism Department Holds Video Competition For more information on this competition, download relevant files from Ming Chuan web hard drive or call the Tourism Department at extension 3202.

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