【763】GSIA indulges in wine talk and tasting

by Eva Wai Glasses of fine red wine and sparking white wine set of the atmosphere for the Graduate School of International Affairs students who had the opportunity to learn how to appreciate fine wine. Special guest speakers were invited Dr. Jiann-Hua Wang (PhD Cambridge University) and Dr. Alex Tsai (PhD Leicester University), qualified wine specialists. “I really enjoyed myself, even though I don’t drink – a lot of good wine was provided by the guests and also some of my classmates,” said Luke Fakudze, GSIA 1st-year. The students got to taste a fair share of wine produced in all parts of the world, and different varieties such as semi-sweet, dry, red wine, white wine and sparkling Champagne. “The talk was very interesting and educational because a lot of information was provided about not only the backgrounds of wine but also which wine to have for various occasions,” said Collin Ma, GSIA 1st-year exchange student. A special thanks goes to Dr. Emily Chow, associate professor in GSIA at Ming Chuan University, for inviting the special guest speakers.

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