【760】Altera Forms Joint Laboratory with MCU

Translated by Teng-Seng Lu MCU President Lee has signed a cooperation plan with Mr. Chen Ying-Ren, General Manager of Altera Taiwan Co. Ltd. to establish a Joint EDA/SOPC Laboratory. The company will donate 60 sets of development software, providing 30 years of free access to Quartus II, Nios II and MegaCores for MCU faculty, staff and students. The total amount exceeds NTD 130 million. Meanwhile, Terasic Technologies, which is the Altera’s Certified Design Center in the Asia Pacific, will provide MCU with advice and assistance regarding the use of the hardware and software. Altera has cooperated with 500 universities and research units all over the world to establish laboratories and training centers, providing the FPGA/SOPC technology along with the platforms and teaching materials for software and hardware development. The universities cooperating with the company to establish joint laboratories include University of Toronto, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Michigan, University of Cambridge, Cornell University, Purdue University and others. This Altera University Program provides a variety of teaching materials, including best-in-class teaching hardware, state-of-the-art computer aided design software tools, tutorials that introduce students and lecturers to Altera's tools and hardware, and “ready-to-teach'” laboratory exercises that can be employed in university-level digital logic and computer organization courses.

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