【760】International Events in March

Translated by Emily Wang For the 53rd MCU Anniversary, many overseas honored guests came to our campuses, continuing international education interactions. Also in March, Ming Chuan delegations went to Korea and Mongolia to join education fairs, and to Malaysia and Vietnam to enroll new students. From March 25th to 30th , International College’s department of TCSL, Dr. Chiang Pi-zhu and the deputy executive director of International Education Exchange, Dr. Nathan Liu and staff member Ms. Ivy Lin were in Mongolia to participate in the 8th Education Fair, delivering student enrollment presentations in our sister schools. Also, the 3rd Taiwan – Mongolia Chinese Teaching International Forum was held by Ming Chuan along with our sister school Otgontenger University to promote Chinese teaching resources and experiences. In order to recruit more Korean students, executive director of International Education Exchange, Dr. Max Liu, along with staff member Selena Lin, went to Seoul, Korea to participate in the 2010 Spring Korean Students Overseas Study Fair from March 26th to 29th. From April 25th to May 1st, Dean Chen of the School of Communication, Dean Chen of the School of Tourism, Dean Yang of the School Design, Deputy Director Liu and Ms. Daphne Lin of International Education Exchange traveled to Malaysia to promote Overseas Chinese Youth Skills Training courses, hold information meetings with potential international students and visit Taiwanese students and committee members. Dr. Maria Tu, program director of International College and Dr. Tu, from the department of Economics went to Vietnam from April 27th to 29th to conduct English oral exams. MCU’s Vietnam sister school HUBT sent 26 students to join our 2+2 dual courses program during the two academic years 2008-2010. Vietnam sister school FTU sent 39 students to join that program as well. As for honored foreign visitors, April 1st, the chair of the Anhwei-Taiwan Friendship Association, Sun Siao-fu, led a delegation to Taoyuan campus. President Lee held a welcome meeting in Q501 and led the delegation to visit the MCU library, electronic cars in the School of Design, the teaching hotel of the School of Tourism, art gallery of the Department of Commercial Design and so on. On April 7th , members of the Wenzhou Vocational And Technical College went to visit Taoyuan campus, where Dr. Max Liu, executive director of the International Education Exchange hosted a welcome for them and led them to visit the Schools of Design and Applied Languages.

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