by Chieh-Ju,Florrie,Curry International College Gathering International College is going to hold a gathering in March 26th, Friday, from 12:50 at 1st Floor of Gymnasium on Taoyuan campus. The topic is Volunteer as a Life Style. The speaker is Ms. Claire Lin; VYA Taiwan, Project Manager. It is a great speech, hoping that everyone will come to it. Bilingual Emcee Needed for Graduation Ceremony MCU is now seeking a bilingual emcee for this year’s graduation ceremony. The individual must be smooth-spoken, fluent in both English and Chinese. Students who are interested in the position are welcome to sign up for an audition. Please contact Mr. Wu, Jenn-Bang (Taipei Campus) or Ms. Lu, Chia-Chi (Taoyuan Campus) for more information. An emcee training course will be held on April 9th. The graduation ceremonies will take place on June 12 in Taoyuan and June 13 in Taipei. Attention: motor bike riders Because car accidents happen frequently near the Taipei campus school gate, the Shihlin police will be strictly monitoring illegalities from now on. People who ride motor bikes to school should follow the traffic rules. Please do not ride on the sidewalk or crosswalks and do park in a legal motor bike parking space. Those who violate the traffic rules will be fined. To protect your safety and finances, please follow the traffic rules. Department Transfer Applications Available Online The annual department transfer application period began March 15 and ends on the 25th. Students can apply by e-form on the MCU website. Students can apply for sophomore status in the new department to reduce learning difficulties of in the 3rd year of study. The examinations will be held April 7 to 9. Students can get more information from the Academic Affairs Division. Foreigners’ Chinese tutor If you want to help foreigners to learn Chinese, here is a great chance: become a Chinese tutor for MCU’s Mandarin Studies and Culture Center students. During your teaching time, you can take your tutee to visit Taiwan and show them Chinese culture. It will be a meaningful and challenging activity in your university life. You will get a certificate after the program. For more information, please contact Fannie in Taoyuan in Q504, e-mail: or Lorna in Taipei in A building, e-mail: