【757】Mr. & Ms. International Sign Up Open

translated by Curry Lin Mr. and Ms. International competition, which is held by MCU Student Government Association, is open for sign up from today. Students who are interested to be Mr. or Ms. International can register before April 2 on Taipei campus and April 9 on Taoyuan campus. The elimination round will be on April 7 to 9 at 12:00 in front of Hi-Life convenience store on Taipei campus and April 14 to 15 at Ming Yuan in Taoyuan. The final round will be on May 19 at 18:00 on Taoyuan campus. There are four prizes in this competition. The first prize winner will get 8,000 NTD and a big gift. Students who are interested in this event can call Alex at extension 2601 for more information. Different from past years, this year, the Alternative Literary and Art Festival starts from today and runs through the end of May. The Taipei Student Government Association will hold speeches and activities for this festival. The first activity, “The Secret of Da Vinci,” will be at E201 from 19:00 to 20:30 today. A well-known instructor has been invited for the speech. All interested students are welcome to join this activity. For more information, check with the Student Government Association office.

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