【757】Australian Exhibition featured at MCU Art Center

by Carin Wu and Chao-Yu Lin At the opening of the Taiwan-Australia Contemporary Arts Exchange exhibition, Bridget O’Leary, the Director of Australian Artists for Cultural Exchange Group stated “We are sharing the spirit of friendship between two countries, Australia and Taiwan. In this exhibition, the group is overjoyed at the fantastic spirit of artists and their shared love of art. To share our art and cultural histories and make new friendships and ties is something that will always be remembered, and is one of the many joys of being a part of this exhibition.” The exhibition is open to the public until March 31, 2010 in the Arts Center on Taoyuan Campus. In addition, Bridget explained that the group name, Blossom Spirit, is named after the Australian blossom flower, unique to Australia. The group often finds inspiration from the Australian landscape. The influence can also be seen in their works on display at this exhibition: the overpowering effect of blossom flowers on the woman in Anne Langdon’s work; Fay Salmon’s soaring, dramatic skyscapes of Australian skies; the intricate and ornamental window framed views like poetic mirrors on life, in Roma McLaughlin’s work; Sandra Angliss’ soft and pale light that creates reflections and patterns with eyes (of a butterfly) which seemingly stare directly into the heart and soul, in a windy sky scene; and Glenda Tunks’s figurative work, Life Study, using drawing and collage.

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