by Curry Lin & By Wang, Chieh-Ju To get more people’s attention about global warming, there is an exhibition in Taipei Library from March 15 to 26. All faculty and students are welcome to visit the exhibition. In addition, Taipei Library also provides free movies for students on Fridays. This week “Hana and Alice” will be screened at 12:20 on March 26. Showing on April 9 is “Gothika and on April 16 “36 quai des orfevres.” Students who would like to enjoy the movies should arrive on time, and remember: Foods and drinks are prohibited in the Library, only water. In order to promote the issue of saving energy and our Earth, the Taoyuan Library will broadcast movies from March 15th to March 26th in the Library’s Mini Theater. These films will show every Monday, Wednesday and Friday during those two weeks from 12 noon to 2:00 pm. Welcome to the Library and enjoy the movies. Also in the Taoyuan Library is a special exhibition on Liu Ming-Chuan, running from March 20 through April 2: For each member of Ming-Chuan to know about Ming-Chuan. Ming Chuan University is named after Mr. Liu because of his magnificent contributions to Taiwan. In celebration of MCU’s 53rd anniversary, all faculty, students and honored guests are invited to participate and promote the achievements and contributions of Mr. Liu Ming-Chuan to Taiwan.