【757】MCU Sports Poster Design and Photography Contest

By Wang, Chieh-Ju The Physical Education Office is holding a Sports Poster Design and Photography Contest as one of the activities during MCU Sports Week. The theme of the contest is “Sports” and each class is required to hand in one piece of work. Individual students who are interested participating in the contest are welcome to register, and there is no limit on the number of submissions. Posters can be either be done by hand or printed out. Aside from size, there are no limitations on the style of design, painting method or poster paper. The poster paper used must be an A3 size paper, or approximately 42cm X 30cm, and must be affixed to black American pasteboard (approximately 50cm X 38cm). Meanwhile, the photography works must be 6 X 8 inches and affixed to A4 size black American pasteboard. Any works which do not conform to the specifications mentioned will not be accepted. After creating your work, please include your name, contact address, Class, Student ID and phone number clearly on a piece of 10 X 10 cm opaque thick white paper with a topic description of no more than 10 words. Fold and seal the paper with adhesive tape and affix it to the lower right of back of the poster or photograph’s pasteboard. The deadline of the contest is March 26 at 4:00 pm. Please hand in your work to Ms. Ho Tsai-Jung in Physical Education Office on Taipei campus and Ms. Liu Shu-Hua in Physical Education Office on Taoyuan campus. Each category will be given first (NT$ 3000), second (NT$ 2500), third (NT$ 2000) place and 4 outstanding prizes (NT$ 1000). The announcement of winners will be made in Ming Chuan Weekly in April and the awards ceremony will be held at the basketball court on the 3rd Floor of the Taoyuan Gymnasium at 12:30 noon on April 16.

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