【757】New MC Magazine, 21st Literary Awards Publication Available

by Teng-Seng Lu The 75th edition of Ming Chuan Magazine is now available. Appearing in this issue is an article by President Lee analyzing the strengths and strategies of Taiwan institutions of higher education. This analysis is a response to Taiwan President Ma Ying-Jeou’s speech, which he delivered on February 2 at the annual meeting of Taiwan’s university and college presidents. Also, in this edition, Teaching Chinese as Second Language and Applied Chinese undergraduates share their teaching experiences, as well as travel stories from their visit to MCU sister schools in the Netherlands and Korea. Moreover, some undergraduate students from Central and South America share their stories of studying in Taiwan. The newly released issue is available at newsstands on both campuses, which are on the 5th floor in B Building on Taipei campus and in the Pavilion in P Building on Taoyuan campus. Meanwhile, you can also get the issue directly from MC Weekly Offices on both campuses – on 3rd floor in A Building on Taipei campus and on the 4th floor in the Physical Education Building on Taoyuan campus. Also available is the 21st Ming Chuan Literary Awards publication. You can obtain this publication in the Ming Chuan Weekly office on Taipei campus or in the Academia-Industry Innovation Division on Taoyuan campus.

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