Article & Photo by Eva Wai The exciting annual cheerleading dance competition takes place at the Taoyuan County Stadium this year. The “Giant Egg” is the largest indoor sports stadium in Taiwan. “This year’s IC team has students from all years taking part; and above all we have both local and foreign students involved,” said Edward Huang, team captain, who is a 3rd year student in Applied Computing. The cheerleading competition is held every year so that students have the opportunity to build bonds through facing a common challenge together as they vie for top prize. “Due to limited funds and time I can only coach the IC students so much; however they are a strong, enthusiastic, hardworking team which makes it my pleasure to work with them.” said Brian Huang, choreographer, former MCU student. Each department decides upon their own theme, music and dance apparatus to combine with their style and rhythm. Costumes and other accessories are prepared by the equipment teams. “We have prepared long and hard for this competition but it’s a thrilling experience which brings IC students closer together,” said Edward Huang. The cheerleading dance activity is a Ming Chuan tradition and a special opportunity for foreign students to blend with the culture and environment of the local students.

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