Ming Chuan University and LITEON Technology Launch International Scholarship Program to Cultivate Industrial Talent

On June 8th, Ming Chuan University and LITEON Technology hosted the “2024 MCU LITEON Scholarship Information Session and Interview” in Hai Phong, Vietnam. This initiative offers 30 exceptional Vietnamese high school graduates the opportunity to compete for scholarships each valued at over 700,000 New Taiwan Dollars (approximately 550 million Vietnamese Dong). These scholarships, which cover four years in the Information Technology and Management Program with a concentration in Industrial Engineering at Ming Chuan’s International College, will culminate in recipients joining LITEON Vietnam as engineers.

In response to global economic fluctuations and the restructuring of international supply chains, quickly adapting to local environments and efficiently cultivating professional talent has become crucial for technology companies. Both Ming Chuan University and LITEON highly value this talent development program and are optimistic about its future outcomes. Andy Lee, Special Assistant to the President, David Li, Associate Professor at the International College, and Henry Chien, HR Manager at LITEON, shared the program’s objectives and conducted interviews in English with potential scholarship candidates.

Henry Chien noted the use of advanced AI tools to streamline the talent selection process for the scholarship program and highlighted LITEON’s commitment to fostering a harmonious, civilized, and efficient work environment in Vietnam, positioning it as a prime destination for young talent.

Andy Lee emphasized that this partnership not only deepens the ties between academia and industry but also enhances collaboration between the two institutions. It provides Vietnamese students with professional training and trilingual skills in Mandarin, English, and Vietnamese, boosting their global competitiveness.

As technology advances, the value of skilled professionals remains paramount. Ming Chuan University is dedicated to nurturing global talent and looks forward to welcoming more outstanding students.