【銘傳一週980期Enews】Post Mid-term Course-reduction Application Period Starts from May 8

by Meggy Weng

The post mid-term course-reduction application period is from 9 am on May 8 through 4 pm on May 12. Students who fail less than one-third of their credits on midterm exams may apply to drop one course; those who fail more than one-third but less than half of their credits on midterm exams may apply to drop no more than two courses, while those who fail half of their credits on midterm exams may apply to drop no more than three courses.

Students who meet the course-reduction criteria may submit their application through the Student Information System after they counsel with their class advisor. They need to enter Student Information System, click on Course Info., then on Post-Midterm Course Withdrawal, choose the courses that they want to reduce, and submit the result after confirming all the details.

Academic Affairs Division kindly reminds all students who do not complete the credit hour tuition payment for certain courses before the deadline, those courses will be treated as those to be dropped and will be calculated into the total number of course-reduction courses. The semester’s total credits must not fall below the minimum credits required for full-time enrollment after the course reduction: Undergraduates must have at least 12 credits for 1st to 3rd-year students; 9 credits for 4th, 5th-year students and Work-experience Completion Program Students; Master’s students cannot be lower than 3 credits. Master’s students in 1st to 2nd-year cannot be enrolled in less than 1 course. Exchange students: Please contact the International Education and Exchange Division or the Mainland China Education and Exchange Division. For other related questions, please contact the Registrar Section of Academic Affairs Division on Taipei campus and or Taoyuan camps Academic Affairs Section.