【銘傳一週978期Enews】MCU Literary and Arts Awards Ceremony at Sun Yat Sen Auditorium on April 27

by Florrie Lin

The 28th MCU Literary and Arts Awards Ceremony will be held at Sun Yat Sen Auditorium in the afternoon of April 27. The results of the university-wide literary competition this year have no winner for first prize in either the English Prose or English Poetry sections because the judges reviewed the works strictly and found none worthy of that high honor. The judges noted that the works are self-styled and creative but missing the beauty of good rhetoric.

The 2nd prizes in these two categories go respectively to Shennica David “More than the sum of its parts” and Stephanie Cardona “Day in Color” from JMC. Other winners are Andrea Claus, Josuane Edwards, Lourdes Flores from IBT, and Daniel Tarpy from GSIA.

Congratulations to the winners. All interested students are welcome to attend the ceremony.