【105S】World Traveler Cassandra Visited Ming Chuan

Cassandra (Cassie) De Pecol is an adventurer and world traveler who is on a mission to set a Guinness World Record of the first woman to visit all 196 sovereign nations under three years. Her mission also includes meeting students in the field of tourism on her journey and spreading the messages of sustainable tourism.

On June 19th, Cassie arrived at Taiwan. She met with Tourism Bureau officials in the morning of June 20th, and then visited Ming Chuan University Taoyuan Campus in the afternoon. Welcomed by the Director of Travel & Tourism Program in International College, Dr. Charles Shih, Cassie gave a presentation to a group of MCU students, who listened to Cassie sharing her amazing travel stories. Mr. Harrison Lee, a famous and experienced inbound tour guide, also participated in this event. On the following day, June 20th, Cassie left Taiwan for South Korea to continue her quest.

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