Cheng Yi Hsuan, International Affairs and Diplomacy Program of International College, won the LSE Excellence Award

Cheng Yi Hsuan, student in the International Affairs and Diplomacy from Ming Chuan University International College, was awarded the 2022 “LSE Excellence Award” by the LSE Alumni Association Taiwan. The Executive Director of International Education and Exchange Division, Dr. Kuang-Hua (Nathan) Liu specially delivered the award to affirm Cheng Yi-Hsuan ‘s achievements of actively participating in studies, workshops and volunteer services of government and non-governmental organizations outside of class hours.

The LSE Alumni Association Taiwan in the United Kingdom provides this Excellence Award to outstanding college students in the second semester of each academic year to encourage and assist domestic students in taking the opportunity of studying with international institutions. Cheng Yi-Hsuan expressed that it was her honor to be the only award winner at Ming Chuan University in 2022, and that this recognition supports her in her journey towards contributing to the international community. Beyond her university courses, Cheng Yi-Hsuan participated in more than 30 seminars, forums, workshops, and volunteer services of government and non-governmental organizations, turning her past experience in public affairs into the greatest motivation for learning.