WRWU: MCU’s Academic Web Impact Ranked #1

In the Webometrics Ranking of World Universities‭ (‬WRWU‭), ‬published by the Spanish Ministry of Education’s Higher Academic Research Council in January 2022‭, ‬Ming Chuan University was ranked 27th in Taiwan‭, ‬512th in Asia‭, ‬and 1711th in the world‭, ‬and the Top‭ ‬1‭ ‬among private universities in Taiwan for Impact Rank in Webpage Academic Content for three consecutive years‭.‬

In order to build a smart campus and integrate AI information‭, ‬as part of the university’s administrative policy‭, ‬MCU holds an annual competition for administrative and academic unit websites‭  ‬and promotes regular updates of website information for each unit‭, ‬bilingualism‭, ‬and websites that are responsive for mobile devices‭.‬

Each unit’s website is fully equipped with AI robots‭, ‬and is connected to popular social media platforms such as Facebook‭, ‬Instagram‭, ‬and Youtube to build a‭ “‬departmental portal‭” ‬that allows teachers‭, ‬high school students‭, ‬parents‭, ‬alumni‭, ‬and visitors from all over the world to quickly grasp Ming Chuan news through different channels‭.‬

Furthermore‭, ‬the institution has also established Moodle teaching platform‭, ‬a cloud classroom system‭, ‬and a Teams remote classroom system‭. ‬LINE-BOT mobile news feed‭, ‬as well as the‭  ‬MC Weekly e-news and community platform‭,  ‬serve as channels for academic communication and information transfer between the institution and its faculty and students‭.‬