【IC EDITION】Looking Ahead: New Year 2022

Photo Credit: 交通部觀光局

Angeline 蔣英綉

There are only a few more months until the end of the year, and 2022 is quickly approaching! Here are some ways you might want to spend your New Year’s and New Year’s Eve in Taiwan. The first and grandest way is to watch the annual fireworks celebration held at the tallest building in Taiwan, Taipei 101.

This year, Taipei 101 welcomed 2021 with 16,000 fireworks, showcasing a five-minute tribute to Taiwan’s frontline medical workers intended to convey a message of unity to the world. Tens of thousands of viewers gathered to celebrate, and it was a spectacle to watch.

A tip to enjoy these fireworks to the fullest would be to come a few hours earlier to pick a spot with the best view of the tower and prepare food and drinks beforehand, as all the vendors will be swamped with people. If you want to watch the fireworks from cafes or bars nearby Taipei 101, make sure to book them a week or two before the day.
For those who don’t enjoy fireworks, you can find a place to watch the very first sunrise of 2022. There is a cape called Bitoujiao in Keelung. With various terrain shapes and their position facing the sea, it is the perfect observatory for visitors to see the sunrise.

Photo Credit: TAIPEI 101 MALL