Back to School with Epidemic Prevention

by Yi Hsuan Cheng
In accordance with the policy of the Taiwan Ministry of Education‭, ‬MCU will implement remote teaching and drill for the entire campus from September 22‭ ‬to September 26‭; from September 27‭ ‬onward‭, students will be dispersed into physical in-person and online classes‭.‬
Opening of the Online Add and Drop Course System will be delayed until noon on September 22‭, ‬and will be available for different year levels‭.‬
■Class Attendance Format
Classes are conducted online from September 22‭ ‬to 26‭. ‬Starting September 27‭, ‬students will attend classes on-site and online dispersed by odd and even weeks according to student ID number‭ (‬second-to-last digit‭). ‬The odd and even weeks are as marked on the MCU‭ ‬2021-22‭ ‬Academic Year‭ ‬First Semester Calendar‭.‬

‬‮‬■Course Selection
The course add‭/ ‬drop period is from 12:30‭ ‬pm September 22‭ ‬to 12:30‭ ‬pm September 30‭.‬ If students need to audit a class during the course selection period, please contact the instructor using the chat function in Teams and request to be added to the class.