【974Enews】25 University Anniversary Academic Symposia Launched

by Florrie Lin

One of the important anniversary activities, Striving for Excellence in Higher Education Symposia will be held from March 10 through April 29, 2017. In all, 25 sections are being held on Taipei and Taoyuan Campuses, and at Jihe Complex. MCU faculty members, graduate students and off-campus specialists from industry, government and academia will participate in the symposia, which will be conducted through lectures, paper presentations, poster sessions and workshops in each academic and professional field. MCU 60th Anniversary Academic Symposia Joint Opening Ceremony will be held at 9:00 am on March 17, 2017 (Friday) in M104 on Taoyuan Campus, with other participants joining through the teleconferencing system in Large Conference Room on Taipei Campus and J616 in Jihe Complex. For further information, please check out http://anniversary.mcu.edu.tw.