【973Enews】International Conference and Workshop on TEFL & Applied Linguistics

by Kuo, Chi-Jiun

Annual academic conferences are a tradition at Ming Chuan University. This year, the general theme of MCU 60th Anniversary Conferences is “Striving for Excellence in Higher Education”. This year’s events will be launched with the 2017 International Conference and Workshop on TEFL & Applied Linguistics, centered on “Rethinking L2 Learning, Use, and Policy for Intercultural Communication”, to be held by the Department of Applied English (DAE) on March 10-11.

Three distinguished international scholars, Dr. Rod Ellis, Dr. Celeste Kinginger, and Dr. Richard Kern, will honor the event by addressing the importance of intercultural communication competence in L2 pedagogy. One DAE faculty member, Professor Wu-Chang Chang, meanwhile, will share his analysis of the transformation of Taiwan’s 12-year English curriculum guidelines. Stringently reviewed and selected, 70 research papers will be presented. Dr. Hsing-Fu Cheng, the conference coordinator and Dr. Chi-Yu Chang, DAE Chair, sincerely welcome you to this upcoming international conference.