Farewell to 4,440 Graduating Students; 3 Awards Ceremonies on Taipei and Taoyuan Campuses

Due to COVID-19, 2019-20 AY Ming Chuan University Graduation Ceremonies will be held on June 6 and 7, 2020, as downsized events to prevent cluster infection. The graduation ceremonies will be held separately by each School and department, hosted by each School’s dean and department’s chair, who will also be responsible for switching each graduating student’s tassel. Please tune in through each School’s or department’s Facebook page for online streaming. There are 3 university awards ceremonies to be held on Taipei and Taoyuan Campuses; all of them will be broadcast live online; please tune in at Ming Chuan Weekly Facebook page: http://fb.com/MCUWeekly. All graduating students’ family members and fellow students are welcome to share the graduation happiness together; more information can be found on Ming Chuan University Graduation Ceremony website: http://mcugrad.mcu.edu.tw/.

The two awards ceremonies on Taoyuan Campus will be held in 1st Gymnasium on June 6th. The awards ceremony for Schools of Design, Education and Applied Languages, and Health Technology will begin at 11:00, and the awards ceremony for Schools of Tourism, Information Technology, Social Sciences, Financial Technology, and International College will be held beginning at 13:30. One awards ceremony on Taipei Campus will be held in Sun Yat Sen Auditorium on June 7. The awards ceremony for Schools of Management, Communication, Law and International College will begin at 16:30. Graduates awarded with different degrees (doctoral degree, masters’ degree, and bachelors’ degree) and identity (local students and overseas students) will be accorded praise at the awards ceremonies.

A total of 4,440 students are being awarded degrees in 2019-20 AY, which includes 11 doctoral degree students, 457 masters’ degree students (203 full-time students and 254 Work-experience students), 3,972 bachelors’ degree students, 200 international students, 138 Mainland China students, and 133 Overseas Chinese students. The graduating class cherishes their study time at MCU with their classmates.

All graduating students will share happiness with their teachers, friends, and family members at each School’s and department’s graduation ceremonies and university awards ceremonies. Ming Chuan University blesses all graduating students to move forward firmly to the next wonderful stage of life’s journey with breakthrough innovation.