I am from South Africa, and I am at Ming Chuan University.

By Kuo, Chi-Jiun Ricky (郭棨鈞)
More and more international students have joined the Department of Applied English (DAE), Ming Chuan University (MCU) during the last decade. Among the international students currently studying in the DAE, two outstanding students are from South Africa, Dian George Geere and Karen Bozovic. Having a very positive attitude toward learning at MCU, they have become very popular students in the DAE. People may wonder why they came from so far away and chose MCU to pursue their bachelors’ degrees.
During an interview, Karen related that she had visited Taiwan long before she entered the DAE. She had a very positive and impressive experience during her first visit in Taiwan and this experience rooted in her like a seed, leading her to decide to pursue her academic studies and even her career in Taiwan. “I was deeply attracted by Taiwanese culture since my first visit,” said Karen. She appreciates Taiwanese people and their attitudes toward life. She said, “The country, including its people, is like a unique treasure that you can’t find in any other places.” Knowing Karen for many years, Dian is influenced by Karen. In addition, considering the important role Taiwan plays in Asia, its stable political situation, safe living environment, and Taiwanese passion, he decided to study in Taiwan too.
While preparing their application for universities in Taiwan, they compared several universities. Both of them agreed that Taoyuan, where MCU is located, is a lovely place for study, for living, and for working. Furthermore, they realized MCU is Asia’s first U.S.-accredited university and provides very good degree programs taught in English, such as its well-known International College and the Department of Applied English. The modularized curriculum and the 4+1 combined bachelor’s and master’s degree program provided by the DAE make the department attractive compared with other English programs in Taiwan. They decided this was the university they had been looking for.
After enrolling in MCU, Dian and Karen have been highly satisfied with the learning environment, including the courses and the extra-curricular activities offered by the DAE. “We are glad that we choose MCU,” they said. Both of them agree that MCU offers a friendly and enjoyable environment and learning experience for international students. “MCU also offers many opportunities for interacting with students from all over the world,” they said. International students can not only learn Mandarin, but also opportunities for learning the culture here through direct experiences. In interviews, both Dian and Karen showed great contentment with the teaching and learning they have experienced. They have many opportunities to cooperate with classmates through the DAE’s courses and student events. Dian mentioned that “My most impressive experience [was] the Drama Contest, and I [was] the director of the play. Our class even won first place in the contest.”
Currently, both Dian and Karen are registered in the 4+1 combined program. They believe that it is a great chance for them to advance their learning and further pursue a master’s degree. Both of them mentioned that the 4+1 combined program provides an opportunity for them to improve their career opportunities for the future. “I am very proud of myself, and I have a great sense of achievement. I am looking forward to my graduation day,” Karen said.
Due to the recent outbreak of the coronavirus disease, MCU has kept strengthening its campus disease prevention measures. MCU cares about all students’ health and safety. Karen and Dian both mentioned that “Not only the university, but also [the] Taiwanese government has taken the comprehensive disease prevention seriously and effectively”. Dian is impressed by all faculty and students’ teamwork for the implementation of the anti-epidemic measures. All people on campus must have their temperature checked and wear face masks before entering the campus. Further, the seat arrangement in the student cafeterias has been adjusted to maintain social distance. “The University keeps promoting comprehensive disease prevention and offers various assistance for international students,” Karen said.
There is no doubt that both Karen and Dian have many opportunities to explore their potential for success in the international and professional learning environment offered by Ming Chun University.

Dian George Geere
系別: 應用英語學系
年級: 三年級/五年一貫生
國籍: 南非

Karen Bozovic
系別: 應用英語學系
年級: 三年級 / 五年一貫生
國籍: 南非

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