【972Enews】Beginning of Semester Online Add and Drop of Courses is Available

The 2nd semester of 2016-17 begins on February 20, 2017. Online add and drop of courses will be available from 12:30 pm on February 20. Students are scheduled for online course selection based on their year of study. Students who would like to choose courses from other departments, online courses (Accounting and Economics) or retake courses, please grab this chance to add or drop courses through the Student Information System.

The Academic Affairs Division reminds students, during the adding and dropping course stage, if a student selects a course that is full, they will be put on a waiting list that is managed by a computerized quota assurance system. After the deadline of adding and dropping courses, no students will be added from the waiting list.

Students may check the course selection results online after 12:30 pm on March 6, 2017 and those courses which will not be opened will be announced on March 13. Students who need to reselect courses due to selected courses no longer being offered or special cases approved to reselect courses due to exceptional situations, should apply for corrections during March 16-17 at Curriculum Section or Taoyuan Academic Affairs Section. No alterations are accepted after the deadline. Students who do not confirm the selected courses during March 13 to 22 will be regarded as accepting the selected courses.