Class of 2019: 9 Graduate Students Complete Dual Masters’ Degrees at MCUMI

2019 MCUMI graduation ceremony was held on May 12, 2019 at Saginaw Valley State University (SVSU). President and Mrs. Lee visited MCUMI to congratulate graduating students for their excellent work, along with MCUMI President, Dr. Robert Yien and Mrs. Yien. The MCU delegation from Taiwan also included MCU Board of Directors Member, Dr. Chen, Qi-Ming and Mrs. Chen, as well as International College Dean, Dr. Lynne Lee.

A total of nine students graduated from MCUMI this year, including six students from the Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language program and three students from New Media and Communication Administration program. Over 1,000 guests participated in the graduation ceremony, including graduating students and their family members. In President Lee’s remarks, he expressed appreciation for the continuous support of SVSU President Donald Bachand and MCUMI President Dr. Robert Yien since MCUMI establishment. President Lee encouraged all SVSU graduates and MCUMI graduates to always believe in themselves when facing difficulties and to solve problems with optimistic thinking. He also reminded them to never forget why you started, be adventurers after graduation, and explore self-potential with a wide open heart.