30th MCU Literary and Arts Awards Ceremony – Witness the Glory Together

The 30th MCU Literary and Arts Awards Ceremony will be held in Sun Yat Sen Auditorium on Taipei Campus beginning at 10:00‭ ‬on May‭ ‬3rd‭ (‬Fri‭.). ‬Focused on the theme of‭ “‬Sustaining Literature and Arts for 30‭ ‬Years‭”, ‬75‭ ‬students will be awarded prizes‭. ‬The ceremony will be hosted by MCU President Lee‭.‬

Since the competition in the Modern Chinese Poetry section and Campus Culture Photography section was cutthroat‭, ‬the final review committee meetings for these two sections will be held at 9‭ ‬AM on May 3rd‭ (‬Fri‭.), ‬during which committee members will engage in discussion on the finalists‭. ‬These meetings are open for the public to listen and view‭.‬

In the Micro Film section‭ (‬with the highest prize‭), ‬an international student team led by Chen‭, ‬Shao-Yu made use of an interview‭ ‬process as narration and added the element of time travel‭. ‬Their micro film leads the audience to view international students‭’ ‬campus life at Ming Chuan University‭.‬