Cloud Course Selection Agent System Ready for 2nd Semester 2018-19

2018-19‭ ‬AY 2nd semester online course selection will be available from December 10‭ ‬in different periods according to students‭’ ‬class year‭. ‬The Cloud Course Selection Agent System will be available for registration of online course selections for the 2nd Semester 2018-19‭ ‬from 12:30‭ ‬pm on December 4‭ (‬Tue‭.) ‬till 17:00‭ ‬on the day before online course selection begins‭. ‬The result of cloud course selection will be posted at 10‭ ‬am on the online course selection day‭.‬

For students choosing not to take required classes‭, ‬or requesting that credits be waived‭, ‬approval is required from the relevant‭ ‬department chair‭. ‬These students are asked to come in person to the Curriculum Section or Taoyuan Academic Affairs Section to cancel selected courses between December 7‭ ‬through December 20‭.‬