【FOCUS】Provide Holistic Caring Service for International Students

by Professor Walter Wang
Director, Office of International Student Service

Along with the focused development of internationalized education, Ming Chuan’s Office of International Student Service (OISS) was founded in June 2002. Among all the universities in Taiwan, OISS was the first independent unit established to take care of international students.

Currently, both Taipei and Taoyuan campuses have OISS offices. The services provided to international students include consulting on students’ status in Taiwan regarding visa application, resident alien card application, insurance programs, work permit for part-time job, and so on. Even if foreign students would like to work in Taiwan after graduation from MCU, OISS assists them to get to know regulations related to applying for full-time work permits.

OISS is dedicated to helping students quickly gain better knowledge about the University and continue developing mentally, physically and academically. Furthermore, it is the aim of OISS for every international student to receive professional help to better utilize their time, energy, and potential to study, to learn, and to grow on healthy and informative campuses.