【FOCUS】Establish Intelligent Teaching Platform – Curriculum Converging with Practice

by Vice President for Academic Affairs / Wang, Jin-Long

MCU Moodle Teaching Platform has been established for more than 10 years, and has collected a huge store of curriculum data, students’ learning paths and faculty members’ teaching portfolio data. We expect to take Amazon as our benchmark and make good use of Big Data to analyze each learner’s demands for individualized and diverse development, so as to actively suggest courses to students following learning paths similar to that of excellent graduates.

Furthermore, Moodle retrieves learning data immediately through R programming language via the cloud, which can forecast each student’s learning characteristics and behavior for providing reminders or advance counseling. We expect to provide students with an adaptive learning environment through establishing an intelligent teaching platform by using big data and artificial intelligence technology.

MCU is not only studying how to make use of artificial intelligence technology in Moodle, but also the best ways to design curriculum closely connected with industrial practices. For example, in order to decrease students’ confusion in learning Statistics, Business Administration Department faculty now write up e-business cases by themselves which assists students in understanding the use of the difficult mathematical tools through the practice with e-business data. This replaces the old method of using examples in the textbook which were not related to the business profession, which caused students think there was no relationship between Statistics and their careers.

Through the analysis of Big Data, we now provide individual and adaptive learning suggestions to each student and provide practice study cases from the industries. MCU has devoted much effort to assisting students in building up their learning interests step by step.