【970Enews】MCUMI Receives Bronze Statue of Liu, Ming-Chuan from Anhui Provincial Government

by Florrie Lin

Anhui Provincial Government presented a bronze statue of Liu, Ming-Chuan to MCUMI on December 9, 2016. The unveiling ceremony was hosted by Dr. Robert Yien, MCU Vice President for International Affairs, with Dr. Donald Bachand, President of SVSU, also in attendance. Dr. Yien noted that Ming Chuan University is named after Liu, Ming-Chuan to commemorate his achievement in establishing Taiwan. Striving for teaching excellence in both Taiwan and the U.S. A., MCU has built on the spirit of Liu, Ming-Chuan from Anhui Province to become a globalized university. The statue of Liu, Ming-Chuan represents his caring for society and devotion of himself to modernize Taiwan. The statue is located in the MCUMI teaching building in commemoration of Liu Ming-Chuan’s hard work, and encourages us to continue our own improvement.