3 International Students Among 8 Recipients of 5 Five-fold Education Excellence Award

Special honors were conferred to 8‭ ‬students‭ ‬‮!‬V among them 3‭ ‬international students‭ ‬‮!‬V with 5‭ ‬Five-fold Education Excellence Awards during graduation ceremonies‭. ‬The awarded International students are from Malaysia‭, ‬El Salvador‭, ‬and Japan‭; ‬they represent Ming Chuan University’s honor in promoting internationalized education‭. ‬Each one not only has outstanding academic performance but also have represented the university to participate in National Intercollegiate Athletic Games‭, ‬with excellent results‭.‬

Two of the international students are from Journalism and Mass Communication Program on Taipei Campus‭: ‬Wu‭, ‬Li-Ying from Malaysia‭ ‬and Michelle Quan from El Salvador‭. ‬The other is Yuki Sekiguchi from Japan‭, ‬who is one of the graduates from Depatment of Tourism on Taoyuan Campus‭.‬

Wu‭, ‬Li-Ying is one of the players on the MCU Woodball Team‭. ‬During her university years‭, ‬she was not only a class representative‭, ‬but also actively participated in student club activities and always ranks among the top 3‭ ‬for academic performance in her class‭. ‬She won the first place in Women’s Individual Fairway of Taiwan University Sports Festival‭- ‬Woodball Championship‭.‬

Michelle Quan‭, ‬from Central America‭, ‬not only had excellent academic performance but also represented the university to participate in Taiwan University Sports Festival‭, ‬where she won first place in Taekwondo Black Belt-Female 73kg Championship‭.‬

Yuki Sekiguchi came to Taiwan from Japan for studying Chinese‭, ‬and she likes the learning environment in Ming Chuan University‭. ‬During her second year of study‭, ‬she joined the MCU Gymnastics Team and had excellence performance in Taiwan University Sports Festival‭- ‬Gymnastics Championship‭.‬