4537 Graduates Complete Degrees, Launch Bright New Journeys

Three graduation ceremonies for 2017-18‭ ‬AY will be held at MCU‭. ‬Two of them on Taoyuan Campus will be held in 1st Gymnasium‭. ‬School of Design‭, ‬School of Education and Applied Languages‭, ‬and School of Health Technology will participate in graduation on the‭ ‬afternoon of June 9‭ (‬Sat‭.). ‬School of Information Technology‭, ‬School of Social Sciences‭, ‬School of Tourism‭, ‬Finance Technology Applications Program‭, ‬and International College‭ (‬International Affairs and Diplomacy Program‭, ‬Applied Computing Program‭, ‬and Travel and Tourism Program‭) ‬will participate in graduation on the evening of June 9‭ (‬Sat‭.).

Graduation ceremony on Taipei Campus will be held in Sun Yat Sen Auditorium‭, ‬where the School of Management‭, ‬School of Communication‭, ‬School of Law and International College‭ (‬International Business and Trade Program and Journalism and Mass Communication Program‭) ‬will participate in graduation on‭ ‬the evening of June 10‭ (‬Sun‭.). ‬Totally 4,537‭ ‬students will graduate from Ming Chuan with bachelors‭’, ‬masters‭’ ‬and doctoral degrees in the ceremonies‭. ‬All the ceremonies will be broadcast live online‭; ‬please tune in at https‭://‬www.facebook.com/MCUWeekly‭/.‬

International College‭ (‬IC‭) ‬graduation ceremony on Taoyuan Campus will be held in FFB101‭ ‬International Conference Room‭ ‬on the afternoon of‭ ‬June 9‭, ‬while IC graduation ceremony on Taipei Campus will be held in Sun Yat Sen Auditorium‭ ‬on that morning‭. ‬Parents of international students and diplomatic envoys also will participate in the ceremony‭, ‬and give their blessing to all the international graduates‭.‬