【969Enews】MCU Wins 2016 TICA CUP Teamwork Champion

by Nelly Chan

The 2016 TICA CUP organized by Taiwan International Cooperation and Development Fund (Taiwan ICDF) and National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) took place on December 4 at NCKU in Tainan. About 500 ICDF scholarship students from 21 TICA universities participated in the annual sports event. Ambassadors of Republic of Palau, St. Lucia, and Solomon Islands to Taiwan also attended this event to support the scholarship students.

In order to strengthen the interactions among the scholarship students, Taiwan ICDF attempts to build friendship, teamwork and the coherence through such sporting events. These activities provide interesting learning experiences for international students. This year, Taiwan ICDF cooperated with NCKU to hold the 2016 TICA CUP annual sports event. The NCKU campus features not only a broad sports field, but also some historic buildings.

The 70 Taiwan ICDF scholarship students participating under the Ming Chuan University banner won 6 trophies: three 1st places in the Teamwork Champion Award, Everybody Shoots, and Basketball Back-passing Relay; one 2nd place in the Tug of War; two 3rd places in the Creative Performance and Relay Race.