【969Enews】Apply for Faculty Research Awards Before January 8, 2017

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by Florrie Lin

Applications for 2016-17 Full-time Faculty Research Awards are being accepted through January 8, 2017. Full-time faculty members who would like to apply must complete the application online at http://eform.mcu.edu.tw/, print out and sign the completed application form, then submit it along with offprints of papers, photocopy of JCR Reports, impact factor document or relevant documents for their department chair’s signature. The documentation should then be sent to the Human Resources Division, which will distribute it to the Faculty Review and Evaluation Committee for review. Only paper applications (not e-applications) are accepted for this process. Papers eligible for this application period are those published from August 1, 2014 through July 31, 2016. Please refer to the regulations for further details.