MCU Literary and Arts Awards Ceremony on May 2nd

During the 29th MCU Literary and Arts Awards Ceremony to be held at Second Gymnasium in Taoyuan Campus beginning at 12:50‭ ‬on May‭ ‬2nd‭ (‬Wed‭.), ‬78‭ ‬students will be awarded prizes‭. ‬This year‭, ‬nearly half of the judges for the award categories are MCU alumni‭, ‬which is a distinctive feature‭. ‬The ceremony will be hosted by MCU President Lee‭.‬

Among the 10‭ ‬categories of submission‭, ‬international students won 4‭ ‬prizes in English Creative Writing‭, ‬with first prize going to Dominic Raybon from JMC for‭ ‬‮!’‬An International Buffet‮!(‬‭. ‬Moreover‭, ‬international students also had great performance in English Four-frame Comic and Short Film‭, ‬winning half of the honors in in these two categories‭. ‬All interested students are welcome to‭ ‬attend the ceremony‭.‬