【968Enews】2016-17 2nd Semester Department Transfer Applications

by Florrie Lin

2016-17 2nd Semester Department Transfer Applications are open from December 5 to 9, 2016. Six Specialized Degree Programs are open for first- through third-year students to apply for changes of major, including International Business and Trade Program, Journalism and Mass Communication Program, Travel and Tourism Program, Applied Computing Program, International Affairs and Diplomacy Program and Fashion and Innovation Management Program (open only for first-year). Students who desire to change their major are to please complete the electronic form on line; no late applications accepted. Most departments/programs will hold oral tests. The Department Transfer Exams will be held from December 12 to 16, 2016. Please refer to 2nd Semester of 2016-17 Academic Year Criteria for Changes of Major for details about the examinations and criteria.

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