【968Enews】28th MCU Literary and Arts Awards Submission

by Florrie Lin

28th MCU Literary and Arts Awards, the highest monetary award on campus, is launched.

MCU Literary and Arts Awards comprise 4 categories and 10 sections, including novels, prose, poetry and images. MCU Literary and Arts Awards specially includes English Prose and English Poetry sections, which are limited to works in English. The theme for English Prose this year is “Taiwan and Me”, but there is no designated theme for English Poetry. This is a wonderful opportunity for international students to display their creativity.

In the most popular section of images, the theme for Campus Photography this year is “My Ideal Artistic Ming Chuan” and the photographs can be retouched, reproduced, or combined with other images; Creative Free-style Photography is also looking forward to receiving your submissions. Short Film, with the highest monetary award for the 1st prize among all sections, is looking for works which can merge MCU’s educational philosophy into the content and serve as a briefing video for student recruitment in the future. All interested students, please register online first and download the submission form. Submissions will be accepted from now until March 7, 2017. For more details and submission form, please check http://www.art.mcu.edu.tw/.